Lauren & Shaun Get Engaged

Lauren and Shaun are getting married this December after 10 year together and have chosen With Love & Lace Melanie to photograph their wedding.

In preparation they decided on an engagement shoot which is always recommended so that you can feel at ease with the camera and get to know your photographer a little better before your big day.

Lauren and Shaun were actually engaged back in 2013 during a Contiki trip to Europe. Here’s their love story as told by Bride to be Lauren…..


The Engagement

In 2013 we went on our first overseas holiday to Europe, before we left my friends and I would joke that we would be coming back engaged but when we got there my mind changed.

The first half of our trip was a contiki tour through 13 countries, Shaun wasn’t too keen on spending one on one time with me or doing romantic activities, he was happy partying and hanging out with the guys. He also would ask me to get things out of his suitcase and did not seem to be hiding anything.

After 25 days our Contiki tour ended and we caught a flight to Paris. We were separated on the plane and both weren’t feeling the best due to a big farewell party the night before.  When we arrived we had a hard time trying to catch a cab, we nearly checked into the wrong hotel and it was pouring down with rain.

Knowing we had a tour around Paris booked for the evening, Shaun went to sleep and I began to get ready to go out. I remember saying to myself ‘there is no point in putting much effort in to looking good for tonight, it’s not like he will propose, he is sleeping like he doesn’t have a care in the world’

When we left the rain had stopped and it had turned into a perfect afternoon. The tour began with a dinner cruise along the Seine, we drank wine, had our picture taken and took in the sights.

The second stop was the Eiffel Tower. We went straight up to the second level, I wanted to line up to go to the top but Shaun insisted we didn’t have enough time and lead me over to a quiet corner. We were looking out over the view, hugging, when Shaun looked down at me and said ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’ I kind of looked at him funny. He had his hand in his pocket and got down on one knee, this was it! ‘Will you marry me?’ He pulled out the most beautiful ring, I was so shocked I forgot to say yes! Shaun said he has never seen me look so shocked in my life. An onlooker congratulated us and took our photo then we went down to the first floor and had a glass of champagne to celebrate.

We got back on the coach to go to the last stop on the tour, I could not stop looking at my sparkling new engagement ring! Full of adrenaline, we went to the Moulin Rouge and watched a show with some more champagne. We were so excited when we got back to the hotel, we called our parents to break the news.

We decided we would wait and save for a big honeymoon and booked our wedding for December 10 2016, on our 10 year anniversary.

With Love & Lace Melanie was the first thing we booked for our wedding, I found Mel’s beautiful full page add in a bridal magazine and knew I had to have her. Our wedding year finally came around so we booked an engagement session with Mel. Mel was so enthusiastic and helpful from the very beginning, she even made me a flower crown and let me borrow her pretty dresses. We spent 2 hours with Mel and had so much fun, she made us feel so comfortable. The very next day Mel sent through some of the photos, they were absolutely stunning, my friends and family were all blown away at how beautiful they were. I cannot recommend Mel highly enough. Thank you so much Mel, I cannot wait for the wedding!”

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Photography: With Love & Lace Melanie

Venue: Stevens Estate Garden

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