Engaged ~ Krystelle & Dwayne

Meet Krystelle and Dwayne who met less than 12 months ago in QLD. The love-struck couple met in a bar in Brisbane and instantly connected there and then followed by a first official date 2 days later at Siromet Winery, a place very sentimental to them both.

After a planned 3 week trip to Europe, Dwyane returned with a special gift for Krystelle; a Claddagh ring he brought while in Galway, Ireland. ‘The Claddagh is two hands holding a heart with a crown. It symbolises love, loyalty and friendship. It wasn’t long till I knew she was the one, my best friend, the love of my life.’ Dwayne gushed.

Since Krystelle is South Australian and also of German heritage {AND loves Hahndorf }, Dwyane hatched a rather cunning plan…. Now here comes the cute bit. Having seen an engagement shoot we posted on our blog a few months back Dwayne got in contact with Bridget Quain one of our amazing photography vendors to arrange the secret squirrel mission.

During a trip to the Clare Valley to celebrate Krystelle’s birthday they headed off to Hahndorf for the planned covert photo shoot with Bridget. ‘After a few photos I asked Krystelle to close her eyes and surprised her with a ring and she said YES !!’ Naww congrats to them both.

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