Engaged ~ Claire & Jeremy

It was love at first sight for Claire & Jeremy at The Grand Bar in Glenelg five and half years ago. Now they’re engaged, they’re putting plans together for an intimate wedding full of down to earth vibes.

Jeremy’s carefully planned {and very romantic} proposal on their 5 year anniversary was masterminded by not only himself but also their friends who all had a part to play in ensuring everything went exactly to plan.

Having packed Claire off for a massage, facial and manicure, the coast was clear for him to collect the ring and check that plans were all good to go. He’d also promised Claire that he’d do some housework while she was out but ran out of time; how many times have we heard that excuse before!  ‘I improvised in making the house look clean by dumping everything in the spare room’ he confesses.

What happened later that evening Claire can only describe as perfect. ‘I didn’t know where we were going but an Uber was out the front ready to take us to The Lion Hotel which is where we had our first date! We had dinner and then took a stroll around Melbourne Street at which point another Uber rocked up. Jeremy then blindfolded me and led me into a mysterious place.  When I opened my eyes Jeremy was sitting in front of me with champagne and dessert which happens to be a friends restaurant.  After our dessert, our plates were taken away and the music was turned off. I was very suspicious at this point! Our other friends John and Mitre who are musicians came out playing our song ‘you and me’ by Lifehouse whilst our other friend Sam who is a videographer captured the whole thing. Then, halfway through the song, Jeremy got down on one knee!’

When asked what getting married means to them, Claire simply says ‘getting married to us means being totally committed to our life together and one day our family. Honestly, for us, it’s just about getting to do life with your best friend every day.’

Scroll down to see some stills from their recent engagement shoot shot by Alex at Boutique Blinks.



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