How To Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

Like most people, I try my very hardest on a daily basis to reduce waste, make mindful choices and generally be as eco-friendly as I can be to the extent that I actually find it satisfying when I know I’m making a difference, however small it may be.

When it comes to your wedding, if you’re at all eco conscious then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s some simple choices you can make to help your wedding day eco-friendly without compromising on style.

Choose Locally Grown Flowers

By choosing locally grown seasonal flowers you’re reducing the carbon footprint as many flowers are actually flown into Australia from overseas. There’s a huge range to choose from plus you’ll be helping to support local growers too. Ask your floral designer who will be happy to guide you.


Flowers: Fabulous Functions Photo: Susie Styler Photography

Vintage Wedding Style

By opting for a vintage inspired wedding you’ll be re using and upcycling vases, plates, cutlery and more. Make Op Shopping your new sport and support worthy charities at the same time!  You could also consider a pre-loved or vintage gown.



Plates and Glassware: By The Oaktree Gowns: The Vintage Bride Boutique Photos: Susie Styler Photography

Use Local Seasonal Produce

Ask your caterers for local organic options for your menu. Your food will be healthy, will taste great and will reduce the carbon footprint of your reception by miles. When it comes to wine the same applies however based on the fact we’re located in the number 1 wine region in Australia, it’s not hard to find good locally produced wine!


Ask your designer to use recycled paper stock for your stationery suite.


Stationery: Paper Bound Love

Choose Reusable Bonbonniere

Give your guests something that can be reused. Ideas for this may be seeds, plants or even succulents. Let your love love grow!

Use Wooden Tables

This will save table cloths from being commercially washed therefore heaps more environmentally friendly.


Table: By The Oaktree Flowers: Lilli-Anthus Photo: Susie Styler Photography

These are just a few simple and easy options to make your wedding beautiful AND eco friendly.

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