Some Do’s and Don’ts

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How’s your wedding planning going?  Whatever stage you’re up to, there may be times when it becomes a little over whelming.  With so many decisions to make, a budget to keep to plus a timeline, you may feel the pressure to get it all done in time. I hear stories via Brides to be and wedding vendors about situations that could easily be avoided and so I’m passing some of these on to you.


  • Set up a separate email for all your wedding planning communication. You will thank me a million times for this.  It will ensure nothing gets missed inbetween your regular emails and you can set up separate folders for each vendor you communicate with.


  • Set a budget.  Whilst it may tick over a little, it’s a way of keeping things under control.


  • Research your potential suppliers and vendors.  A great way of doing this is via word of mouth and also by visiting them at a wedding fair (totally biased I know!)


  • I really can’t stress this enough but pay your invoices on time.  The majority of wedding vendors are small businesses and are mostly independant operators. They simply don’t have time to chase up outstanding invoices and you run the risk of your booking being cancelled entirely if you don’t pay your invoice/deposit on time.


  • Set up a Pinterest account.  It’s such an amazing tool for finding inspiration.


  • While we’re on the subject of inspiration, blogs are great too (since you’re reading this one!) I like Polka Dot Bride, Nouba, White Magazine’s blog and Style Me Pretty.


  • Look after yourself by getting plenty of sleep, exercise and good food.  Not only will you look great but you’ll feel better for it too!


  • Consider hiring items rather than buying.  Hiring is cheaper and quicker in the long run.  Buying heaps of stuff you’ll have to source, store and potentially spend time selling after the wedding may drive you crazy.



  • I’ll throw caution to the wind on this one with an ‘avoid’ rather than don’t but buying your wedding dress online via an international dress maker is a potential disaster waiting to happen.  It can be disappointing and costly since you may end up with a large bill from a dressmaker to make it work for you.


  • Wait too long to book your vendors.  The really good ones get booked up very fast indeed. A deposit is sufficient to lock them in so you don’t have to shell out full payment immediately.


  • Haggle your vendor too hard for a discount. It can send out the wrong signal and potentially sour your relationship with your supplier. Many vendors will be working quite closely with you and so a good working relationship is key.


  • Book a really cheap vendor and expect the earth.


  • Email vendors out of hours and expect an immediate response.

These are just a few tips to get you started on your wedding planning journey. Please feel free to get in touch and share your own with me!

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