DIY ~ Paper Dahlias


After stumbling across these beautiful images of Paper made giant dahlia’s I couldn’t help but think, maybe this is something I could make.

I am hoping of having a wooden branch style archway at my wedding, and the thought of spending a lot of money on flowers for it worries me a little, however I think this might just be perfect.

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After watching a couple of online tutorials, I gathered together all my bits and pieces, items which I already had being a crafty person.

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What you’ll need:

• Paper – Can be any colour you desire, I have used some left over cream paper I had, A4 size is best, allow plenty of sheets

• Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks – I got this one for $10 from Spotlight

• Scissors, a Pen & a Ruler

• Scrap piece of card, I used a torn off piece from an empty Inkjet Labels packet, but anything not too flimsy will do the job

• A circular shape, such as an egg ring, candle or glass (for larger flowers try a CD)

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Trace around the egg ring and cut out.

• For a Smaller flower as I made, fold the Paper into 8 (for a larger Flower fold into 4)

• Using the ruler tear the paper along the folded lines into 8 pieces. (The Ruler gives it a rough torn texture which I think adds to the look rather than cutting with Scissors)

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• Now for the tricky part… curl/coil each piece into a cone

• Try to get a tight tip at the point of the cone, and then fold to hold the shape while you continue to make more cones. (Make a bunch of them at a time which will help you later when gluing them)

– This step can be quite time consuming, especially until you get the knack of making the cones

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• The next tricky part is the gluing…

• This can get a bit messy at first, but don’t worry as you build the flower shape up it will cover it up.

• Dab a bit of the hot glue under the little flap at the pointy end of the cone to hold it in place, and then dab a bit on the back side of the cone and place down onto the disc you made earlier.

• Leave a little gap between petals in the first layer, so that they next layer can sit naturally in the gaps you have created.

• You will need to do this fairly quickly so the glue doesn’t dry and I found holding the petal down in place with the tip of the glue gun helped me not to burn my fingers. This layer will be covered so not a big deal if it all looks a bit odd until you get the knack of it.

• Continue to layer the the cones around the disc


• As you get to the centre of the flower it will become a little harder to place the petals into the flower. I found putting the glue on the petal and then putting into the centre and pressing down on the glue area with the pointy end of the scissors help hold it in place.

• The final few petals may need to be folder shorter otherwise they may stick out of the flower in an odd way and sit above the other petals.


After thoughts….

• You could always paint the cones if you liked, or at least partially so it looked like the centre of the cones were darker.

• You could also make the centre cones slightly smaller too look a little more like the flower detail.

I was pretty happy with the end results and I also like how with the shadows in the cones it makes it look like the centre is a darker pinky colour.
Now I can’t wait to make some more!







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