Cassie & Nathan

Not sweating the small stuff and locking in your big ticket items was the key to success in making Cassie & Nathans summer wedding shot by Dave Pascoe photography such a dream.

Having known each other pretty much their entire life, it took this cute couple a number of years to realise they had deep feelings for each other but once they did, the rest was history and their engagement did not disappoint either!

Despite spending 24/7 with each other, Nathan cleverly managed to recreate their first date together by taking Cassie to Madame Wu’s for Pad Thai and then up to Mount Osmond lookout.  ‘I had no idea it was happening, and as we were walking up the hill to the lookout there was a gazebo with fairy lights strung around the edge, in a clearing overlooking the city. When we got up there, there was beanbags, pillows and rugs set up with a small little table with strawberries, chocolates and drinks.  ‘ Obviously, when I first saw the gazebo I became suspicious but didn’t expect so much effort! There was also a book with my name on it which had the story and photos of our relationship and also included when he knew he wanted to marry me and all the reasons he loved me. I had previously had a dream he proposed with a lolly pop ring, I said yes but was disappointed he didn’t get me a real ring. At the end of the book he said: “I always want to be the man to make your dreams come true, will you marry me” and proposed with a lolly pop ring, but had taken of the lolly pit and glued on a plastic crystal that he had kept from a party we attended on the weekend we had first gotten together.’ recalls Cassie. Naww so cute!

Scrolling through this inspiring wedding you’ll notice that every detail of this Adelaide Hills wedding is balanced with love and style from Cassie’s custom made gown to Dave Pascoe’s incredible photography skills.

‘Our mantra on the day was that we were just going to have fun and love the day no matter what. I can whole heartedly say that at the end the day was perfect and we would not have changed a thing.’ says the newly-wed Bride.

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Photos Dave Pascoe Photography

Venue Goldings Winery

Dress Varacalli Couture

Stationery Minted

Cars Nathans Grandfather & Uncle

Hair Hair by India

Makeup Beauty on Brooklyn

Florals Amandas Flowers & Giftbaskets

Suits Peter Shearer



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