Autumn 2017

Boy oh boy oh boy what a day it was! Our Autumn fair last Sunday was our biggest yet with hundreds of people coming along to see the stunning boutique inspiration and vendors we are so proud to showcase.

From the very beginning, LCA has always been and always will be a wedding fair that’s a little different to your average expo. We may be a little smaller than some but firmly believe that the best things come in small packages. We’re proud to deliver inspiration that you won’t see elsewhere and it’s this that makes our wedding fair experience so unique in South Australia.

Seeing it all come together was once again a joy to behold as all of our amazingly talented vendors started bumping in.  We’ve literally never ever seen so many flowers and with it being dahlia season {one of our fave flowers} we were in complete floral heaven!

We have some heartfelt thanks to make to Jodi & Rebecca for greeting you all.  You girls were simply amazing!  Thanks also to ALL of our exhibitors for creating next level displays and making the venue look so bloody beautiful.

Our next fair is Sunday 10th September at Plant 4 Bowden and we’ll be releasing some details really soon.

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