The Autumn 2016 Fair

What a huge day we had at Norwood Concert Hall last Sunday where over 40 creative vendors connected with the hundreds of people who came to the fair. There was inspiration in abundance along with samples, offers and discounts galore.

Thanks to Steve the Bartender, Arbeaumont Champagne was flowing all day and From Humble Grounds ensured we all had a coffee hit.

Huge thanks to everyone involved especially our sponsors White Marquee who provided us with alot of furniture for the day.  Thanks also to One of a Kind Events, Made of Whimsy and Nicola for being such superstars greeting you all. They were wearing the cutest flower crowns made by Adelaide Flower Crowns.

As always it’s such a thrill to spend the day with vendors, Brides and their guests who are all in such high spirits!

Here’s just a selection of photos from the day…..


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Next stop is our Winter wedding fair on 10th July 2016, also at Norwood Concert Hall.

For all your wedding planning ideas and inspo, lock it in your diary and we’ll see you there!

Photography: Susie Styler


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