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I never dreamed of my wedding, in fact I didn’t really think I’d get married. The problem with that, is then you find that other person that you do want to marry, you may like me, just not know where to start.

Venue First

Everyone told me book your venue first, and this I’d have to agree on. Don’t get a date set in your head though because your dream venue may not be available.

Think of the big picture; do you want to decorate, price per head, is there someone there to support you with all your questions. The list goes on, so write a list and when viewing places make sure you cover all you want to. You can always phone or email back but it is easier to ask specific questions while at the venue. Oh and take photos, if you have ideas for decorations, it will be easier to refer to a photo to know your space.

Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest!

As stated previously on the LCA blog, if you’re not already on Pinterest, get onto it. I joined Pinterest a long time before I was engaged however I didn’t really get it at the time. Then when I got engaged I was collecting all these images and they were just sitting in folders on my computer. I thought there had to be a better way to do this and remembered Pinterest. I had pictures on my phone, my laptop & my computer at work, to say it was a little inconvenient was an understatement. So one weekend I’d collected up all my images & painstakingly uploaded them to Pinterest. (Unfortunately they don’t have an upload multiple images option) Now I can conveniently access them from anywhere, which really helps when going to the hairdresser & showing her some styles. I’ve even shown my mother inlaw to be my account to show her all the pretty ideas I have for the wedding.

Get Organised

The second great piece of advice I have came from Susie at LCA. She suggested creating a new email address for anything wedding related. Unfortunately I was already 2/3 of the way through the process when I heard this and really wish I had of done it. It really makes sorting out and finding your wedding emails/details much easier when they’re not jumbled up with your everyday stuff. I have now got a separate account anyway which I’ve forwarded all the important emails too and sorted them out into folders, e.g. Cake / Celebrant / Photographer etc, and with any correspondence from my wedding guest I am using this email address too, which I put on the wedding invite. Just makes life easier.

Another thing which has also helped but may not work for everyone is Google Drive. My husband to be and I both have gmail accounts so this was possible, we have set up a wedding Folder within our google drive, so easy to use and I never knew it was there. We have all our deposit receipts, our ever changing budget & payments, our guest list, music for the DJ, basically any paperwork which is wedding related in there. It’s a bit like Pinterest, I can access it from anywhere on my phone or my computer, we’ve shared the files with each other so we can both edit it. If someone contacts me to tell me something I can go straight into the files and update them in a second. The google siftware is basically like Excel Spreadsheet & Word Documents, super easy and convenient, and makes the stressful things a little less stressful.


This next one is only something I have recently done and that is to start a separate Facebook account. Just me (& perhaps a sudo name) no friends or family added, no private details mentioned, not even a profile picture uploaded (Facebook will hate you for your lack of interest, but they’ll get over it.) This account is purely for my own indulgence. I have liked all the wedding pages to my hearts content and I don’t have to worry about friends or family thinking, oh gawd… she’s liked another wedding page again. As is on Facebook these days, the minute you like of comment on anything, everyone knows it. I first made the mistake of this when I didn’t realise by commenting on a page I’d liked what our wedding songs would be that everyone would see that. Not until a friend said to me, we had that song too…damit. So I stopped commenting & liking wedding stuff on Facebook even though I really wanted too. This way I can now do it without anyone finding out any of my wedding details and I can like as much as I like! Also if you did want you could always let your bridesmaids in on the deal and add them as friends if they are interested.

 Stay True & Don’t Stress

Now I know there is a heaps of wedding advice out there in the net. I in fact was quite overwhelmed with it all. But whether you follow my lead above or not, you will find your own way. The key is to not stress about doing what everyone else says you should do. Even the “must do” wedding blogs get it wrong sometimes, they don’t know your situation, so don’t feel like you have to apply everything they say to your wedding. Just pick & choose what is right for you. Think of it like choosing your wedding dress, you wouldn’t buy it if you didn’t want to.

And with that said, happy wedding planning and remember to enjoy the process as a whole.




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