Steph and Sim

Crossfit played cupid for this pair who from the very beginning were both determined to throw away any wedding traditions in favour of a celebration that truly reflected them both. Stand by for  a wedding full of personality……

Since it was the their mutual love of fitness that drew them together, Sim decided to surprise Adelaide girl Steph on the rooftop of their gym in Melbourne. “After a particularly greulling workout one day I came up the top of the stairs to find Sim down on one knee holding up a beautiful sapphire engagement ring. All of our friends were around smiling and clapping. It’s a wonderful memory. I however did not look so wonderful!” remembers Steph.

They both decided very early on that they wanted this to be a day that truly reflected them both. A day that was full of great people, the tastiest food on the planet and lots of the fun. “Most wedding traditions weren’t important to us so they were removed and any sentence that started with ‘we should do this because…’ we didn’t do.”

Inspiration for their day came in the form of Reservoir Dogs . Think Tarantino, rock and roll and American BBQ – certainly not the norm but they totally nailed this style and vibe.  Black suits, white shirts and skinny black ties for the guys with the Ladies wore dresses that reflected them. “It was really important to us that our friends were comfortable in what they wore and they all looked so fabulous!!” says Steph who wore a blue dress she picked up on Chapel Street for a steel.

When asked what their favourite moments were, Steph mentions “Having some post ceremony drinks with our guests before we headed off for photos. It was wonderful to spend some time seeing everyone having a laugh and it also meant that we didn’t have to rush around at the reception to make sure we got to see everyone. We also were the first to arrive at our reception so that we could greet and thank everyone for coming as they walked it. These moments were priceless to us.”

They offer some great planning advice too starting with communication. “Sit down together at the very start and write a list about what is really important to you. Anything that doesn’t make the list clearly isn’t important so don’t waste your time, energy or money on these things. This is why we ended up without a wedding cake!”

Lastly and most importantly they mention staying true to yourselves….

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Photos  What Pete Shot

Bride Dress  Nookie

Groom Suit  Institchu

Groom Shoes  Converse

Florals Botanics of Melbourne

Hair MU  Janice Wu Bridal

Ceremony Styling Nomad Styling

Reception Venue  Meatmaiden

Ceremony Venue  L1 Studios

Pre Reception Venue  Du Nord



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