Adelaide Hills Wedding Fair

There’s something about the Adelaide Hills that makes it a natural wedding destination. Beautiful countryside, amazing wineries that double up as venues along with a touch of heritage charm.

The second Love Cherish Adore Adelaide Hills Wedding Fair was held once again in the heart of Hahndorf where over 25 exhibitors showcased to hundreds of people who came to meet and greet with vendors and soak up some wedding inspiration.

The fair was sponsored by hills based vendor By The Oaktree who not only put together yet another showstopping display but also put up all of the lighting and was a driving force assisting in organising the event.

As usual, the standard of visual presentation was of the usual high standard that you come to expect from our fairs along with the friendliest vendors you’d ever want to meet.

There’s a few people to thank. To Kat Raynor for singing her heart out (this girl sings like an angel!) to Kirsty, Erin and Melanie for being amazing volunteers, to View Road Wines for handing out free glasses of their delicious wine and to Jenna from By The Oaktree for being a big part of putting the day together.

Spending time working with all of these amazing vendors is such a pleasure that I can hardly call it work. It’s more like a paid hobby. Stand by for lots of pretty images and amazing inspo.


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