A Carrick Hill Wedding

Some sweet real wedding inspiration for you featuring the union of Mike and Carly captured by the wonderful Emme Jade Photography….

The Engagement

It was 11th August 2013 and was really unexpected! Our little baby was only 8 weeks old and I’d just put him down for a sleep and came into the lounge room to find Mike sitting on the couch. He said ‘come here I want a cuddle’. I actually turned around and said no I’ve got so much to do hahaha! Little did I know he was about to propose…… He said I’ve made a little movie just of our time together. Everything from when we first met, to building our first home and having our little Harry. And then right at the end it came up with ‘Will you Marry Me’ and he pulled the ring out of his pocket. It was the most perfect moment.


Just after we got engaged I went and bought lots and lots of bridal magazines and started putting together a folder of everything I loved. I realised the style we loved was very natural and rustic. I also sourced alot inspiration from Facebook, Pinterest & Etsy. I’m super organised so found having a folder with everything I needed really made the whole planning process a lot easier.

We always said we wanted a small, intimate day andnight and that’s exactly what we had. I can totally see how people can get away with doing huge wedding but we wanted to stay true to ourselves and exactly how we imagine the day going. already being a family with Harry, made us realise we wanted our family and friends there who are apart of our everyday lives. We’re very laid back and just wanted everyone to have a great day. I had amazing help with our event planner Yasmin from A Moment in Time and Kate from The Food Business, who made my job a lot easier.

Our Favourite Moment

We loved every minute,  however it’s such a whirlwind and goes so fast. One of our friends told us to take 5 minutes to go for a walk and take a breather from the craziness and that 5 mins was probably my favourite moment. We just went for a walk through the gardens and caught up the day and I would suggest every Bride and Groom to do it.  Also having our Son Harry being a part of the day was truly amazing.

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Photography – Emme Jade Photography

Venue – Carrick Hill

Event Planner – A Moment In Time

Catering – The Food Business



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