A Boudoir Experience

Boudoir is originally defined by Webster’s dictionary as a “woman’s private room or bedroom”. Today however, the idea of boudoir has taken on a different connotation and references an ultimate sensual experience and the expression of self through photography.

Bridal boudoir in particular, has slowly become more mainstream resulting in a  wonderful and memorable gift to give to your husband on your wedding day. We chat with Adelaide’s Bridal boudoir photography expert Renee Lee about what to expect at one of her shoots…

The Bridal Boudoir Experience

Bridal boudoir is a day of pure relaxation and an opportunity to channel the most sexy part of yourself, just teetering under the surface. My responsibility is to gently coax that inner bombshell to the surface in comfortable and sexy fashion. Taking a few hours to be truly relaxed and pampered is the best way to create the most naturally stunning images. Rest assured, we handle every detail, from the hair styling to expertly applying your makeup. You will receive guidance on what to wear, and you will be coached through the entire shoot so that you look amazing in your images. When everything comes together, you will have amazing images that show off that inner goddess and an album he will lust over for years to come.

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Don’t Be Shy About Baring All

Booking your boudoir shoot is the first step to a truly memorable experience. As a photographer and a woman, I can understand first hand how nerve wracking it can be to be the centre of attention in front of a camera, let alone in your skimpies or less. The goal is to reach a level of comfort and relaxation that translates seamlessly from reality to camera. I have had the pleasure of photographing women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Women with stretch marks from life’s little experiences, tattoos, and scars. Some are ultra conservative, other’s more open and unencumbered. Both types produce an amazing image. As the photographer, it is my duty to adapt to my client’s personality in order to gently guide her to the best pose, look or flip of the hair. All women are beautiful in their own way. Judgement and body negativity is left at the door.


Many women say to me “There’s no way you’d get me in front of the camera in my underwear!” I begin by establishing a level of comfort and rapport to relax you. You don’t need to worry about not knowing how to pose, I direct you completely – body, hands, face and even hair position. I know all the techniques to pose a woman where the body is displayed in the most flattering manner – you will be amazed at how you look! The direction of your eyes, the softness of your smile can communicate deeply and only to your partner. I promise you that each and every woman has entered my studio quite nervous and left feeling damn good about themselves! The experience is a transformation not only for the groom to enjoy, but it is also a huge boost of confidence for the bride.

“My experience with Renee Lee Boudoir was exceptional! For someone who mostly walks on the conservative side of life, getting my clothes off in front of a perfect stranger was a big deal. Fortunately Renee has this extraordinary gift of making a big deal into a comfortable, exciting and empowering experience. I walked out of that room feeling pretty damn good about myself bumps and all!!” – Miss M

A Truly Amazing Gift For Your Partner

Men simply do not see and are not as critical as we can be about ourselves. They see us as beautiful creatures, flaws and all! Trust me, they do not notice those five kilos you just can’t seem to shake, or that scar from when you fell off your bike as a kid. The woman they chose to marry is perfect to them and for them, as it should be.


I can say from first hand experience that your future husband will hands down LOVE this incredibly thoughtful gift! On the morning of our wedding day I presented my amazing groom with an album of boudoir and he was floored! Even after six years of marriage, he still can not wipe the smile off his face when he takes a gander at the album. Not only does boudoir unleash the sexy, beautiful woman just below the surface, but the experience is a virtual gift-wrapped eternal present for your beloved.

Brides of Adelaide, still unsure of taking the boudoir plunge? Make time to explore the idea of bridal boudoir. Talk to your friends who have done a boudoir shoot, or feel free to send me an email or give me a call with any questions or hesitations you might have. You will not be disappointed and neither will he.


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