5 Reasons Why a Winter Wedding is a Good Idea


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My own wedding was early Springtime in the UK almost 10 years ago and whilst it wasn’t a Winter wedding, I won’t lie to you, it was absolutely freezing that day! Around 8 degrees with a wind chill factor thrown in just to make it even colder.

Once the formalities were done at the church then we all headed off to a gorgeous hotel in the Cotswolds where a beautiful log fire awaited us all.  The weather was no longer a factor and we all concentrated on celebrating  until the wee hours. I can’t imagine enjoying myself any more that day than if we’d celebrated in the Summertime.

Whilst most people will choose not to get married in the Winter time in Australia, there’s plenty of good reasons why a Winter wedding may be a good idea.


Since many wedding vendors and venues go into semi retirement over the Winter period, it doesn’t mean that they are unavailable.  Some choose to take this time off to recouperate before it all gets crazy busy again, however some may be willing to discount their  costs making it a better time financially to get married.

Choice of Vendors

I’ve already mentioned that some suppliers and vendors take Winter as a time to down tools and get some well earnt rest, however it may mean that you may be able to commission a particular vendor that’s already booked up during the busy season.


There’s so much going on over the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons with Christmas, Mad March, January holidays and everyone else getting married. With this in mind, you may be able to ensure that everyone you want is available to attend your big day.


So we all know that Winter weather certainly here in SA can be chilly and wet however if you assume this is going to be the case then you can plan around it.  Furthermore, it means that your flowers, hair and make up will have a better chance of lasting the duration if you’re not sweating through a 40 degree day.


From a photography perspective, with the sun being lower in the sky then the light at certain times of the day can be more flattering than harsh Summer light. Plus Winter means you can go crazy with lots of candles to create some soft romantic lighting for your reception.

Love Susie x

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