3 Things To Do After You Get Married

We don’t mean the second after you say I-do however, there are a few things you’ll need to do after you get back from your honeymoon that go beyond just updating your facebook status!

3 things to do after your wedding

Whilst you’re still on a high from your big day, getting these jobs done and dusted asap will pay dividends.  Otherwise, they become the kind of to-do things that will forever stay at the bottom of your list……

Clean Your Dress

It’s inevitable that your dress is going to cop some dirt during the day so getting it cleaned professionally before it’s stored away is a wise investment. Prices cost from $200.00 + however it’s a worthy price to pay to preserve your dress for years to come.

Change Your Name

Unless you’re going to keep your name that is! Changing your name is pretty easy and there’s a dedicated website for you to start the process. The SA Gov website has more info

Write your Will

Whilst it sounds all doom and gloom, getting a will drawn up gives your peace of mind to know that if anything happens, your family and assets are protected.  This is particularly important if you already have a will as getting married revokes any prior wills that have been made.  It’s also important if you have any children under the age of 18 either together or from a previous marriage. It’s a quick and simple process that costs from around $500.00. We recently updated ours with Clare Jobson.


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